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Italy. Apulia. Salento.

Salento Rosato wines at Michele Calo' winery; photo by Valerio Rosellini, Tuglie, 2017.

“Salento” can be either a red, rosé, or white wine produced with grapes coming from vineyards in the three provinces of Brindisi, or Lecce, or Taranto. Grape varieties are various being that viticulture and winemaking dates to the times of the ancient Greeks. Some of these grapes are Negroamaro n. and Malvasia Nera del Leccese n which can give either red or rosé wines. Salento as a territory is that Italy’s south-easternmost peninsula; its climate is characterised by the double exposure to the seas (Adriatic and Jonico), differently from the rest of Apulia. Climate is Mediterrean and soils are various, from clayey in the plains to calcareous and dolomitic towards the coast. [14]. Salento, the "heel" of the Italian boot, is the land of Negroamaro, a grape with extraordinary potential which is the base of almost all the red and rosé wines of this area, […] [1].

Wine description

SALENTO ROSSO has a ruby-to-garnet red colour, pleasant and characteristic smell, harmonious taste ranging from dry to sweet. SALENTO ROSATO colour be either light or intense rosé; smell is characteristic and fruity; taste is harmonious from dry to sweet. [14]

[1] Cernilli, Daniele (2017). "The Ultimate Guide to Italian Wine 2018". Doctor Wine by Daniele Cernilli. ISBN 978-88-941075-1-8

[14] Winemaking normative requirements, up-to-date.

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